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The Key to Your Success

The NLP one-on-one coaching session is a co-creative experience where Master Coach Claudia Prana and the client actively communicate to bring about the results the client seeks in a timely manner. Claudia Prana, Master Leader and Coach, designs the NLP session in three steps:

Step 1

The first step is an interview of about 60 minutes, during which Claudia's questions will allow her to understand the client's problem. Then, a ten-minute assessment helps determine the client's unconscious strategy for processing events in their life. Finally, as a result of the interview, Claudia may assign the client a task before the actual NLP session (Step 2).

Step 2

The second step is the NLP session itself, which takes place about five to seven days after the initial interview. The NLP session can last between six hours and eight hours. Every client presents a unique situation; therefore, every session differs based on the scope of the problem.

Step 3

The third step consists of a 90-day task. The client will complete a series of objectives based on the new NLP Success Strategy uncovered during Step 2, adapted to the client's unconscious level of processing and embedded in the client's neurology. With the client's full engagement, the task is designed to help them achieve their goal within 90 days. In the process, the client's unconscious mind and neurological response to her life's events are completely changed to produce the results the client seeks.

The Results

When executed fully as per the NLP Success Strategy and Claudia's Power Program guidelines, the NLP Power Program is meant to shift the unconscious mind (the Go-Getter) to match the conscious mind (the Goal-Setter).

Consequently, the client experiences new thought patterns and behaviors that help solve the client's problems and produce optimal performance and outstanding results. Whether it is in work, personal relationships, social life, or spiritual experience of entertainment, each NLP session focuses on one specific life area. For this reason, the impact of the change is fast and powerful.

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