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About Claudia Prana


MBA - Entrepreneurship
CPC - Certified Professional Coach
NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Coach
TLT - TimeLine Therapy Master Practitioner

Claudia Prana - Business Coach

Claudia Prana's exposure to various languages and cultures at an early age may well be the catalyst for her passion for communication and the functions of the human mind.

"I was fascinated by the contrast between two minds at play in front of me as I was growing up. My father, an entrepreneur at heart, was a man of purpose. He was driven by his passion for success. On the other hand, my mother lived in fear. She was always afraid that my father's ventures and enterprises would fail and we would be left with nothing. After all, my father was the head of the family and the only bread earner."

"Because of the small size of the island I grew up in and its limited possibilities, I learned to travel alone, and in my early teenage years, I'd be in New Zealand or Australia for several months at a time. Living and immersing myself in various cultures and languages expanded my perspective about cultural, mental, and psychological processes. Respective environments in which I found myself showed me how they could form human behaviors."

Education & Learning

Claudia Prana studied in Tokyo, Japan, and in Sydney, Australia, until she moved to Paris, France, where she studied at the Ecole Nationale de Commerce, on Boulevard Bessieres. Upon graduation, she moved to the United States to pursue her MBA in Entrepreneurship. Her first business venture was in the jewelry industry. Her second venture was a partnership in the food industry. Developing and growing business ventures while maintaining an active intellect and hunger for knowledge has defined Claudia's lifestyle.

"I am constantly studying, learning, and reading. Whether it is in the field of my professional realm as a performance coach or in various interests such as the economy, business growth, or history, I am always seeking to learn something new that I can use immediately for self-empowerment as well as the empowerment of others."

Where She is Today

Claudia Prana resides in Jacksonville, Florida, where she lives her passion. She shares her time between business and professional success coaching and her real estate investment activities. As a board member of the local JAX Real Estate Investors Association, Claudia Prana fully engages in helping members increase their success in real estate ventures. She is also a JAX Chamber of Commerce and a local Toastmasters International Organization member. She also leads an NLP Meetup she created to help professionals thrive in uncertain times!

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